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All You Need To Know About Wholegrain Mustard

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Mustard is a delicious edible and is very famous all over the world for its invigorating and mouthwatering flavor. Widely used in fast foods and especially in burgers, the mustard paste is pretty famous. Little do people know, there is another kind of mustard that has a charm much stronger than the mustard we know!

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the “wholegrain mustard”. It is such a charming ingredient that historians have found more than one origin for it and the benefits it has are just wow. Read on to have some more information on the wholegrain mustard.


Many historians believe that wholegrain mustard is basically an Egyptian invention whereas Greeks have also been mentioned to have used wholegrain mustard in medicine. Another interesting origin story relates it to the ancient Romans and it makes more sense for the name of the ingredient as well. The Romans used unfermented grape juice to be mixed with Sinapis (ground mustard seeds) and make burning must. Burning must in the Roman language is known as Mustum Ardens and hence the name “Must Ard”. Interesting right?


Medicinal Benefits Of Wholegrain Mustard

If called a magical ingredient, it wouldn’t be wrong. Wholegrain mustard has some exceptional benefits when it comes to health. The most prominent and well-known property it has is its anti-inflammatory effect. With magnesium in abundance, wholegrain mustard helps in reducing rheumatoid arthritis and also controls high blood pressure.

The sulfur present in high quantity in wholegrain mustard has been found to be a big help for treating skin diseases. This is one of the reasons women love using this ingredient in different ways for beauty purposes. The benefits can be listed on a very long list but let us end them with one more. If you are patient of asthma and suffer from the attacks, wholegrain mustard might be just the thing you need. However, not to over-consume it as excessive intake results in abnormal bowel movements. The best practice! Consult a dietician and enjoy the magic.


Expiration Period Of Wholegrain Mustard

As wholegrain mustard is a completely natural item, it is susceptible to expiry and cannot sustain itself for more than a couple of months if left at room temperature. However, like every other organic food item, if you refrigerate it, the expiry period can jump from 2 months to a complete year, and still, it can be used normally. Remember! This expiry period is for homemade wholegrain mustard.

If you buy whole grain mustard from the market, you can consider it to be useful for about 2 to 3 years if you follow the instructions given on the box or label.


How To See If Wholegrain Mustard Has Gone Bad?

In order to see if the wholegrain mustard has gone bad, you’ll have to smell the stuff. If it isn’t fit for eating, the whiff will not be pleasant. Otherwise, you can smell the beautiful smell of mustard. You can also tell by the taste but some people are not ready to put their taste buds on the line. 


How Is Wholegrain Mustard Made?

Wholegrain mustard is a combination of ingredients that we use in our daily life. The ingredients include salt, light brown sugar, brown mustard seeds, yellow mustard seeds, cold water, and some vinegar. The process of using these ingredients is also very interesting and you might be fascinated by how the entire recipe comes together.

 [If you want to see the whole process live, you can click here to see a video or simply open this link and read the entire recipe for yourself.] You can use these lines to add backlink to another site if you want or delete them if you don’t.


To conclude, the ingredient is an amazing invention by our ancestors and we have played our part in making it better for use.